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Interview: Justin Long Chats With Joey About His Directorial Debut ‘Lady of the Manor’

For years, Justin Long has been a consistently funny and engaging actor. Not only that, he’s largely a fearless performer. Just look at his bravura performance in Kevin Smith‘s cult film Tusk. Long doesn’t play it safe, that’s for sure. Whether he’s going Full Walrus there, upping the romantic comedy game with Going the Distance, or anything in between, you know you’re in for fun with Long. So, when he recently made his directorial debut (co-writing and co-directing with his brother Christian Long) with the stoner comedy Lady of the Manor, I knew I wanted to speak with him about it. While at the Toronto International Film Festival, some time on Zoom was arranged. Now, you can see Long and I discuss his filmmaking debut.

Below, you can see my chat with Long. It’s a very casual chat, befitting a relaxed movie like this one. We hit on the cast he assembled here, which is led by Melanie Lynskey (look for my interview with her in a few days) and Judy Greer, with supporting roles for Luis Guzman, Ryan Phillippe, and more. We talk a lot about comedy, directing, and how he came up with this throwback idea. Plus, we get a little Canada talk in, since I was up at TIFF during this discussion. Especially if you like Long, this is a really fun talk. Lady of the Manor is a funny film, too, so give that a shot. Long is going places as a writer and director, mark my words. He’s already a real good actor, so fans of his should truly rejoice.

Here now is my interview with Lady of the Manor filmmaker and actor Justin Long. It’s a good one, so please enjoy:

Justin Long’s flick Lady of the Manor is out now, so be sure to check it out!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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