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Interview: Director Louis Gonzales and Producer Courtney Casper Kent Discuss Disney Pixar’s Wrestling-Themed Short ‘Nona’

As discussed in our article for Aphton Corbin’s Twenty Something, Disney Pixar’s SparkShorts series has been a big success at giving promising filmmakers a platform to create something personal and exciting. This time around, Nona gives Louis Gonzales his first taste of directing after many years of working in animation – and he knocks it out of the park.

Having previously worked on films such as The Incredibles 2, Monsters University and Brave, Gonzales had his first taste of leading a team and creating his own passion project. The result is a hilarious and touching short that explores the idea of hobbies and how they connect us to our loved ones (even if they are no longer with us).

In this case, it’s the character of Nona who uses her love of wrestling to stay in touch emotionally with her late husband. However, Nona’s quality time in front of the television is compromised when she’s forced to grapple with the pains of babysitting her 5-year-old granddaughter.

It’s incredibly clever – both story wise and from a technical standpoint – as Gonzales engages with a variety of visual styles to make a short like no other. Much like Corbin, it’s very clear that Gonzales is a filmmaker to be excited about and one who’s voice deserves to be as loud as it possibly can be.

Nona makes her way to the ring – and on Disney Plus – on September 17, and our interview with Gonzales and producer Courtney Casper Kent can be watched below.


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Written by Bradley Weir

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