Produced by Erik Langley and created using hand-drawn animation, Pixar Animation Studios’ “Twenty Something” launches on Disney+ on Sept. 10, 2021. © 2021 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Interview: Aphton Corbin Discusses Her Wonderful Disney Pixar Short Film ‘Twenty Something’

Disney Pixar’s SparkShorts series has been an exciting short film series that has allowed a variety of talented animated filmmakers to flourish in recent years. The idea of the project is to allow new stories to be told and to give the opportunity for filmmakers to flex their talent.

‘Twenty Something,’ directed by Aphton Corbin, may be the best of the bunch so far. This brilliant hand drawn short tells the story of Gia, who decides to go clubbing on the night of her 21st birthday. Her anxiety gets the best of her, however, and Gia begins to worry that perhaps she isn’t ready for the adult world.

What sounds like a simple concept is executed exceptionally well and incredibly creatively, with the internal battle Gia struggles with showcased throughout the short in a very unique way.

What makes Twenty Something work is how universally relatable it is. We’ve all struggled with the concept of growing up at some point in our lives and this film emphasises that, but has a smart, upbeat conclusion that leaves you smiling ear to ear.

It’s evident that Corbin is a filmmaker to keep an eye out for, with her script and ideas clearly displaying somebody with an extraordinary amount of talent and potential.

The short is available to watch on Disney Plus on September 10, and you can watch our interview with Aphton Corbin below as she discusses various aspects of the wonderful short film.


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[…] discussed in our article for Aphton Corbin’s Twenty Something, Disney Pixar’s SparkShorts series has been a big success at giving promising filmmakers a […]



Written by Bradley Weir

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