Christopher Nolan Looking to Direct a Film about J. Robert Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan, director of Dunkirk and Tenet, has been reaching out to studios regarding his next project. This film, much in the vein of his previous war feature, is a drama that will focus on World War II. Specifically, the untitled project handles the creation of the atomic bomb by infamous scientist, J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Though Nolan works almost exclusively with Warner Bros., he is shopping the screenplay around to other studios around Hollywood. Rumors have Sony and Universal vying for the project.

Not much is known yet about the film’s cast, release or production timeline, but more is sure to come. Again, just rumors, but Cillian Murphy could be eyed for a role.

For more news about Christopher Nolan’s new project, make sure to follow Awards Radar!

Source: Deadline


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