Netflix Delays the Marilyn Monroe Film ‘Blonde’ to 2022

What once felt like the easy frontrunner for Best Actress this year is now the easy frontrunner Best Actress next year, as Netflix’s Blonde has been delayed to 2022. Variety broke the news.

The Andrew Dominik film stars Ana de Armas as the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe and the film is a fictionalized take on Monroe’s life, adapted from Joyce Carol Oates‘ novel of the same name.

This comes not long after the film was not included in the lineup for the Venice Film Festival or the Toronto International Film Festival, which many award pundits and predictors were surprised by. Netflix also turned down an Out of Competition slot at the Cannes Film Festival.

When exactly in 2022 has the film been delayed to has not been confirmed.

The reason behind the delay is unknown. Perhaps the film won’t be ready in time, or perhaps Netflix didn’t believe they could prioritize it over some of their other, more Awards friendly films, such as Adam McKay‘s Don’t Look Up, Jane Campion‘s The Power of the Dog or Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Tick, Tick…Boom!. Perhaps Netflix thought delaying could give the film and de Armas a better shot at an awards run next year.

Either way, we hope that Dominik and de Armas’ film will be worth the wait.


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Written by Adriano Caporusso

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