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Joey’s Home Movies For the Week of May 31st – Take In a ‘Stray’ and Gaze Upon ‘The World to Come’

Magnolia Pictures

Welcome back to my Home Movies! Today, we have a documentary for dog lovers in Stray, as well as a period drama in The World to Come. Those two titles are the highlights this week, but hardly the only options of note. Curious what else is hitting shelves? Well, read on for more…

Joey’s Top Pick

Magnolia Pictures


A documentary about some very interesting canines, Stray is a very poignant, if somewhat deliberately paced, doc. It’s very much a character study, with the characters just being a trio of dogs. Filmmaker Elizabeth Lo opts to follow the stories of three stray dogs in Istanbul. We watch as they find human companionship on the streets of Turkey, teaching those men and women a few things along the way. If you’re an animal lover, it’s hard not to be charmed by this one. Stray is low-key, to be sure, but well worth a watch.

Recommended Viewing

The World To Come

The World to Come

This incredibly well-acted movie deserved more attention. Christopher Abbott, Casey Affleck, Vanessa Kirby, and Katherine Waterston are all terrific. Their performances, along with the mood of the film itself, combines to make something truly of note. Speaking of the cast, you can hear my chat with Affleck here, while see my interview with Kirby and Waterston here. All were delights, to say the least. They make The World to Come what it is. In my review out of the Venice Film Festival (found here), I had this to say about the flick:

The World to Come is jam-packed with solid acting, which pairs well with a haunting score that comes completely out of left field. It’s the performances, as well as the music, that gives this flick its personality. While this could have worn thin by trafficking in territory many an independent work has done before, these choices end up making all of the difference.

Also Available This Week

Roadside Attractions

Billions: Season Two (TV)


The Courier

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal: The Complete First Season (TV)

Trigger Point (interview with filmmaker Brad Turner here)

No Criterion Collection releases this week, folks. Sorry. Stay tuned for more next week!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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