Film Review: ‘We Broke Up’ Takes Audiences on a Fun-Filled Roller Coaster of Emotions

There are plenty of romantic comedies out in the world by now. While most of them are optimistic, cheerful, and dreamy, the seldom few revolve around heartbreak. The most important thing about creating a romantic comedy in 2021 is to make it original, so attacking a new angle on relationships helps. Bonus points if you can emit various emotions from viewers, which is exactly what the new film We Broke Up does.

We Broke Up chronicles long-time couple Lori and Doug as they suddenly split up. Faced with a weekend away for Lori’s sister’s wedding, the two feel that pretending to still be in a relationship is the easiest decision. What follows are moments full of stress, fun, and tears.

Actress Aya Cash is one of the most relatable actresses out there. Cash has been cast as characters that many can see different aspects of themselves in, and that continues with her character of Lori. Lori oozes confusion, grief, and lack of connection with oneself, and any woman that has been in a relationship that doesn’t feel quite right will be able to fully relate. Cash yet again proves that she is a strong actress with this performance, as not every talent would be able to do so in such a memorable way. Additionally, the chemistry between Lori and Doug is palpable, which connects anyone who watches to their storyline even more.

Actor William Jackson Harper portrays the other half of the couple, Doug. Harper gives a heart wrenching performance that is also incredibly relatable, and furthermore, audiences will never pity his character. Instead, you will feel connected to Doug and experience both empathy and frustration as you watch the choices he makes. Harper has a healthy mix of both dramatic and fun titles under his belt, and this film encompasses both of these genres and all of his talents. 

A surprisingly fun character comes with Jayson, played by actor Tony Cavalero. Cavalero has had quite the busy career, being featured in various television series and movies, but his role of Jayson is one of his most outstanding. First and foremost, the actor brings a comedic relief to the film’s more demure moments. However, he also delivers heavy, believable emotions when viewers need them from him, and he does both wonderfully. One can only hope to see Cavalero continue his busy, illustrious career on screen in the very near future.

Director Jeff Rosenberg has a long list of films and television shows that he has been an assistant director for, and a much shorter list of films he’s been a lead director for. Rosenberg should be proud to add this picture to that short list, and as only the second film on that list. It is evident that Rosenberg did a brilliant job directing such impressive talent, and it would be a positive change to see him take on the role of director more often than assistant director. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Rosenberg wrote the screenplay for this movie with co-writer Laura Jacqmin. This picture is the sixth writing work of Rosenberg’s, yet it may feel that he has been doing so for a very long time with such affecting dialogue.

Visually, We Broke Up has multiple beautiful and striking shots. Some scenes feel reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film, with wide shots of drab pastel colored cabins. Others are more unique and stand on their own, such as the creative angles that were achieved involving a carousel at night. Not only will the story laid out by Rosenberg and Jacqmin stick with you, the images and color palette that you see as you watch will leave a lasting impression.

If you’re looking for a movie this weekend that delivers a fusion of emotions, look no further than We Broke Up. The film will be released in theatres on April 16th and on demand on April 23rd.  Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this film as well as other romantic comedies you love! 

SCORE: ★★★


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Written by Kendall Tinston

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