"Promising Young Woman"

Carey Mulligan is Teaming Up With…Adam Sandler?

Carey Mulligan is currently sitting on her second Oscar nomination, with plenty predicting that she’s going to pull out the win on April 25th. She could have her pick of any role she wants in Hollywood right now, which makes it very interesting that Deadline is reporting that her next film will be… an Adam Sandler Netflix movie? 

While Sandler’s Netflix films have mostly been the target for scorn and ridicule, Spaceman sounds like an intriguing proposition. Based on a novel by Jaroslav Kalfar, the plot revolves around an astronaut (Sandler) who is sent to the edge of the galaxy on a mission, only to “find his earthly life falling to pieces”. He then begins to confide in a creature from the beginning of time who is inhabiting his ship. 

That definitely doesn’t sound like another Sandy Wexler. Another interesting proposition for the film is that it’s being directed by Johan Renck, the Emmy-winning director behind the grueling HBO limited series Chernobyl

That’s an impressive pedigree that might help to explain why Mulligan is taking this on as her next project, fresh off the resounding acclaim she’s received for her performance in Promising Young Woman (our interview with her is here).

Mulligan will be portraying Sandler’s wife in the film, but with this bizarre premise hopefully that means that Colby Day’s script gives her more than just the “suffering wife at home” role that we see so often. It’d be hard to imagine for Mulligan signing up if there wasn’t more to the part than that. 

Look out for more news on this one soon, as this is sure to be a movie that people are going to be extremely interested in seeing how it shapes out. 


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Written by Mitchell Beaupre

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