Peter Farrelly is Assembling Quite a Group for ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’

It feels like it’s been a lifetime since we saw Green Book win the prize for Best Picture at the 2019 Oscars, but it was only two short years ago. That film’s director, Peter Farrelly, is finally gearing up for his follow-up project, and it sounds like it’s going to have quite the cast on board.

Deadline is reporting that Zac EfronRussell Crowe, and Bill Murray, are all in talks to star in The Greatest Beer Run Ever, which is being set up at Apple Studios. 

Farrelly has apparently had his eye on this to be his next project since his last film won the Oscar. He co-wrote the script with Brian Currie and Pete Jones, which is based on a book by Chick Donahue and J.T. Malloy

The film will tell the true story of Donahue (who Efron would play) leaving New York in 1967 to head to Vietnam and bring some beers to his childhood friends who are fighting in the war. It’s quite the adventurous tale, as Donahue is at one point mistaken as a CIA member, and the story eventually leads to the occurrence of the Tet Offensive. 

For those who felt that Farrelly’s handling of the very weighty subject matter in Green Book left a lot to be desired, the idea of him tackling the Vietnam War and the Tet Offensive might not sound too promising. Clearly though, the new movie from a guy who just won two Oscars is attracting a lot of heat from talent and distributors. 

There will surely be more to come on this one soon. 


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1 year ago

Beer run Looks Awesome!! Go Zac for best Actor go Peter for Director!!!



Written by Mitchell Beaupre

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