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‘Clerk’ Trailer Drops for Kevin Smith Documentary Ahead of SXSW Premiere

The 2021 SXSW Film Festival is just around the corner, and we’ve got your first look at the trailer for one of the most anticipated films of this year’s fest, Clerk

The documentary from director Malcolm Ingram is described as an examination and celebration of the life of Kevin Smith, and that’s a little slice of joy that we could all use right now. 

Smith is the portrait of a DIY filmmaker whose passion for filmmaking and drive to succeed has led to him becoming one of the most beloved filmmakers of a generation. Ingram’s film follows how this average guy from New Jersey had a dream, and the ways that he pushed to make that dream happen, financing his debut film on credit cards. 

That film, of course, was Clerks, a Sundance sensation that genuinely shocked the foundation of the American independent cinema scene. When looking at the history of film, there is a time before Clerks and a time after it, and not a lot of filmmakers have the ability to say that they made a movie that changed the landscape the way that Clerks did. 

Despite that, Smith has always been a humble, kind person whose passion for entertainment and geek culture shines through all of his avenues of expression, be it cinema, stand-up, comic book writing, podcasting, or whatever else he dips his toes into. 

This documentary examining his life is certainly a film that people are going to want to see. 

Check out the trailer for Clerk below and look for Smith fan Joey Magidson’s interview with Ingram soon:

‘CLERK’ Trailer



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Written by Mitchell Beaupre

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