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Interview: Louie Anderson Talks About ‘Coming 2 America’

Part of the charm for any movie hoping to traffic in nostalgia is seeing old cinematic friends. So, with Coming 2 America, you’re expecting to see a lot of the Coming to America crew. Eddie Murphy goes without saying, but Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, and more really add something to it. One of the touches that this flick adds is that even a supporting player like Louie Anderson got to join in on the fun again. That ability to come back and play with old friends was a wonderful opportunity for him, as well as something I wanted to talk to him about. So, a few weeks ago, during the film’s press junket, I had the chance to chat and do just that.

Below, you can see my conversation with Anderson. It was a delightful chat, especially considering how kind and enjoyable he was. Even though he’s not in the film much, it was great to see that character still around and doing well. Plus, as a fan of his animated show Life with Louie as a kid, it was just fun to get to talk to Anderson. He seemed to really appreciate that I remembered the series, too. Coming 2 America is out now, so check it out if you’re curious. My review is here on the site, as are my conversations with Craig Brewer (here) and Tracy Morgan (here).

My interview with Coming 2 America co-star Louie Anderson can be seen next. Enjoy:

Coming 2 America is available now on Prime Video!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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