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Interview: Maika Monroe Talks About the Joys of Being an Actress

Ever since I first saw her in It Follows, Maika Monroe has been an actress I’ve been keenly interested in. Between that and The Guest, Monroe immediately made a mark on me, as well as in genre film as well. So, if she’s in something, consider me intrigued. With her new film, Brothers by Blood, having opened this weekend, an opportunity to speak with her popped up (back on Inauguration Day, actually), one I 100% wanted to make use of. She was delightful, quick to laugh and really engaged in the conversation, as you’re about to hear. What more can you ask for when doing an interview?

Below, you can hear my chat with Maika Monroe. As you might expect, we touch on Brothers By Blood, the movie she’s promoting. However, we also just talk more in general about acting, including how being an athlete plays into her new career. All in all, it’s a chat largely about the joy of acting and what this life actually is like. She’s wonderful and quick to engage in the discussion, which is pretty ideal. Give her new flick a shot and obviously stay tuned for much more from Monroe in the years to come. She’s going to be a big star before too long, mark my words.

Enjoy my conversation with Maika Monroe:

Monroe can be seen in Brothers by Blood, available to watch right now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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