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Interview: Richard Jenkins and Shane Paul McGhie Talk ‘The Last Shift’

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About three months ago, Richard Jenkins was kind enough to be one of the first interview subjects for Awards Radar. Jenkins was doing press for Kajillionaire (that interview can be found here) and couldn’t have been nicer. Last week, interestingly enough, that film hit Blu-ray and DVD, which we covered here in the Home Movies column. Now, with his other 2020 Sundance Film Festival project The Last Shift coming to Blu-ray/DVD tomorrow, he was kind enough to drop by again. This time around, he didn’t come alone, either, being paired with co-star Shane Paul McGhie. What follows is a free-flowing and hopefully fascinating conversation.

Below, you can find my interview with Richard Jenkins and Shane Paul McGhie. We talk about first jobs, food service, The Last Shift (obviously), and just saw where the discussion ended up taking us. It was a good one, too, give or take some of the behind the scenes chaos. Think…barking dog and ringing phone (all on my end, obviously). Still, we made it work. Fingers crossed you enjoy the interview and check out the movie. It’s a solid independent dramedy, with a very unique Jenkins performance. McGhie is an up and comer to keep your eye on, too. He’s got the goods.

Here now is my chat with Richard Jenkins and Shane Paul McGhie. Enjoy:

The Last Shift will be out on home video tomorrow!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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