The Battle of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Might Be Waged On A Streamer

Following Warner Bros.’ gamble to release its big-budget blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984 in both theaters and on its streaming app, HBO Max, on the same day, the studio is considering the same move for another of its tentpole summer features, Godzilla vs. Kong. While nothing has been finalized just yet, according to both The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, WarnerMedia, the parent company of Warner Bros Studios, is in talks to bring the high-profile fourth installment in the re-booted Godzilla monster franchise directly to HBO Max, bypassing theaters altogether. The move seems to be in response to a reported offer by competing streamer Netflix to purchase the rights to stream the monster sequel directly on its platform. The streaming giant reportedly offered $200 million-plus, an offer that was nixed by Warners, who has 25% stake in the movie. 

Despite all the confirmed haggling and deal-making, Warner Bros continues to insist that their legendary monster will still only be storming theaters, and are sticking with their May 21, 2021 release date for Godzilla vs. Kong.  

See the full Godzilla vs. Kong story from The Hollywood Reporter here.


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