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Interview: ‘Uncle Frank’ Filmmaker Alan Ball Discusses the Passion Behind This Project

Alan Ball is undoubtedly one of the more interesting storytellers in Hollywood. Winning an Academy Award for his first feature screenplay with American Beauty, Ball became the toast of the town. Interestingly, it didn’t translate into immediate A-list status, though on the small screen, he’s responsible for beloved HBO shows like Six Feet Under and True Blood. Instead, he waited to be able to make his directorial debut with Towelhead, before finally bringing his sophomore effort to us this year in Uncle Frank. I’m a fan of the film (as seen in this review), so it was a pleasure to speak with him. Our interview came after having spoken to his cast a bit, so I tried to tackle the movie in an interesting way. Hopefully, the ensuing Uncle Frank discussion is an interesting one…

Below, you can hear me have a really interesting chat with Ball. He gets into the flick a bit, but also talks about how he chooses projects, as well as what winning an Oscar was like. As mentioned throughout this week in the previews for my Sophia Lillis (found here) and Peter Macdissi interviews (found here), Uncle Frank is really quite an enjoyable movie (and one of the best things to play at Film Fest 919). So, be sure to give it a look this week as it hits streaming. As you’ve no doubt noticed, it has basically been Uncle Frank interview week here at Awards Radar.

Enjoy my conversation with Alan Ball. Have a listen next:

Be sure to check out Alan Ball’s writing and direction in Uncle Frank when the film hits Amazon Prime Video this week!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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