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Interview: Sophia Lillis Chats About Her ‘Uncle Frank’ Performance

In a short period of time, Sophia Lillis has really made a mark on the industry. Not only did she really break out in both It and It: Chapter Two, we’ve seen her play a number of classic parts. To say she has range is putting it mildly. Now, with a really charming role in Uncle Frank, she’s poised for even bigger and better things, somehow. So, when the press day for the film came around and the actress was made available for an interview, it was a really interesting opportunity. Not only is she excellent in the movie (read my review if you haven’t here), she just seemed like a fascinating young woman. So, we hopped on the phone for a nice little discussion.

My chat with Lillis can be heard below. We get into her young career, but mostly just talk about how this role was such an interesting one for her. As mentioned yesterday in the preview for my Peter Macdissi interview (found here), Uncle Frank is a really enjoyable movie (and one of the best things to play at Film Fest 919), so be sure to give it a look this week. As you’ve noticed, this week is Uncle Frank interview week here at Awards Radar. In addition to Macdissi’s interview and Lillis’ today, I have an interview with writer/director Ball coming tomorrow. Listen for that one very shortly, but continue your week with this one today.

Enjoy my conversation with Sophia Lillis. Have a listen:

Be sure to check out Sophia Lillis in Uncle Frank when the film hits Amazon Prime Video this week!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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