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Interview: Peter Macdissi on Acting and Producing ‘Uncle Frank’

Among the best parts of the new film Uncle Frank (review found here) is the supporting performance from Peter Macdissi. He takes a character who could have honestly been somewhat forgettable and turns him into a man who’s deeply lovable and memorable. Macdissi is filmmaker Alan Ball‘s secret weapon and that’s something that undoubtedly pleases both of them, considering Ball and Macdissi are partners in real life. So, when I hopped on the phone earlier this month to chat with him about this role, he was delighted to find out I felt that way. The result was a really interesting conversation you can hear next…

Below you can hear my interview with Peter Macdissi. Uncle Frank is a really enjoyable movie (one of the best things to play at Film Fest 919), so be sure to give it a look this week. Macdissi chats with me about acting in the flick, as well as producing it, so it’s a solid back and forth, for sure. In addition, this week is Uncle Frank interview week here at Awards Radar. In addition to Macdissi, I have an interview with writer/director Ball coming, as well as one with star Sophia Lillis. Listen for those soon, but start off your week with this one.

Here now is my conversation with Peter Macdissi. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Peter Macdissi in Uncle Frank when the film hits Amazon Prime Video this week!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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