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Awards Radar Podcast #8: Joey, Myles, and Steve Deep Dive on Vince Vaughn, Plus More!

Welcome back to the Awards Radar Podcast. In each episode, Editor Joey Magidson (that’s me!) will be joined by some of the staff of Awards Radar to talk about the latest in film, television, and entertainment in general. The show will obviously have an awards season slant to it, but we won’t forget about other movies and shows, that’s for sure!

With episode eight upon us, I was joined once again by Myles Hughes and Steve Prusakowski for a hearty bit of nonsense. We answer a listener/reader question that leads to a discussion of various Ron Howard films. We do a deep dive on Vince Vaughn, focusing on three movies in particular. Some of the recent Oscar contenders seen by yours truly get briefly talked about. It’s a hodgepodge of all of the things you’ve come to expect from us, so hopefully you enjoy. As always, we enjoyed ourselves, so fingers crossed that the feeling is mutual!

Everyone, enjoy the eighth episode of the Awards Radar Podcast and feel free to revisit the previous installments by clicking the Podcast tab on the top of the page. More to come each week!


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