‘WandaVision’ Will Debut on Disney+ January 15th

Courtesy of Disney Plus

Following the smashing success of HBO’s Watchmen limited series last year, Marvel and Disney are about to expand the television world and audience’s minds even more with WandaVision, Marvel’s highly-anticipated superhero series, which Disney today announced will be premiering on Disney+ on January 15.

WandaVision is certainly not Marvel’s first television series, but everyone agrees there is something that feels different with this one, as it is the first series where Marvel Studios will have full creative control. Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president, explained to Entertainment Weekly: “It really energized everyone creatively at the studio, the notion that we could play in a new medium and throw the rules out the window in terms of structure and format.”

WandaVision is a funky mash-up of classic television sitcoms and superhero stories. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany play Maximoff and Vision, two Marvel superheroes who are living a normal, blissful suburban life, but we quickly learn that nothing is as it seems. Still fully set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there promises to be many references to the films that audiences have come to love, and even more callbacks to popular television shows, old and new. It will be a true nostalgic trip down television memory lane, with a uniquely Marvel twist. 


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