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Interview: Thom Zimny Discusses Two Decades Working With Bruce Springsteen

For the past twenty years, Thom Zimny has led a life many can only dream about. Not only has he gotten to work in the film industry, but he’s done it while frequently collaborating with none other than Bruce Springsteen. The editor turned filmmaker has most recently developed an even closer working relationship with The Boss, leading to some cinematic gems. First, there was the adaptation of Springsteen on Broadway, followed by co-directing Western Stars with Springsteen himself. Now, he’s directed Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You (my four star rave review can be found here), an intimate look at the making of the new album. Given the chance to talk to Zimny about this collaboration, it’s no shock that I leapt at the opportunity.

Below, you can hear my Springsteen filled conversation with Thom Zimny. He was generous with his time, took my ramblings seriously, and gave me some gold. Zimny is clearly as passionate about Springsteen as anyone, myself included. He just holds it together better than I do. Hopefully you enjoy this chat and have even more reason to watch Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You, starting tomorrow. It’s my favorite documentary of the year so far and a true treat for fans and newcomers to Springsteen alike.

Enjoy my interview with Thom Zimny and be sure to check out Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You on Friday!

Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You is on Apple TV+ this weekend!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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