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My favorite pancake restaurant

When I was younger I loved pancakes. Excuse me, I loved MAPLE SYRUP. Pancakes were a way to get as much maple syrup on my plate, my hands, and my face.

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How Indie Theaters Survive the Pandemic

(This article was previously published on our sister site ScreenRadar.com). Before the great pandemic of 2020, before the movie box offices were closed, the projectors were silenced, the marquees went dark, and the popcorn machines were turned off, Portland was a cinephile’s dream. Arthouse movie theaters dominated every quarter of the city. Even better, they all […] More

NewFest Film Review: Kacey Rohl Makes a Great Antihero in ‘White Lie’

Narratives surrounding cancer-afflicted characters have long been a go-to source of drama at the movies. From Meryl Streep in One True Thing to Shailene Woodley in The Fault in Our Stars, these ill-fated portrayals have broken hearts and won awards in equal measure. Now, Kacey Rohl joins that illustrious company with her uniquely impactful performance […] More

‘Hannibal’ is the Ultimate Expression of Halloween

(This article was previously published on our sister site ScreenRadar.com). Halloween’s going to be weird this year. If it were any other time, we might be brainstorming costume ideas, and toying with the idea of trying on a new identity for a night. Once a year, we can masquerade as evil, sadistic, macabre. Once a year, […] More

Do We Still Need Saturday Night Live?

It seems like the general consensus around last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live was a bit of a bust, with much of the criticism surrounding Jim Carrey’s… less than stellar impression of Vice President Joe Biden (because I guess we’ve all just accepted that Lorne Michaels will not let go of Alec Baldwin’s lackluster […] More


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