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Awards Radar Community: How Are You Celebrating Halloween This Year?

Dear readers, I want to wish you all a very Happy Halloween! Today is obviously one of the more popular holidays of the year, even if it falls on a Tuesday this time around. October 31st is always a time for candy, costumes, horror films, and more. So, to commemorate Halloween 2023, we’re again bringing out a weekday edition of the Awards Radar Community Question. What we’re asking is the following: how are you spending your Halloween? Whether you’re watching a movie, either at home or in theaters, going to a party, or straight up just trick or treating, we want to hear about it. So, grab some candy, sit down, and let us know…

Perhaps you’re taking in a scary movie? If you’re going to the theater, you could be choosing between watching The Exorcist: Believer, Five Nights at Freddy’s, or Saw X, for example. If you’re staying in, either for a party or just a horror movie marathon, the options are endless. We’d suggest utilizing Myles’ annual 31 Days of Horror post (found here) for some film recommendations. His new one will be up on Sunday!

Maybe you’re just partying or out collecting candy on a trick or treat mission? If so, definitely let us know what your costume is. Maybe you did something relatively simple? That’s totally cool, obviously. On the flip-side, if you went all out and became Art the Clown (minus the carnage), certainly tell us about it as well…

Whatever you’re doing, be safe. If you’re indulging in something mind-altering, whatever that may be, show some restraint. Don’t drink and drive. Tell your friends where you’re running off to at the end of the night. This is all old news, but still. Don’t let a fun night turn into something decidedly not so fun by the end.

Now, let us know your plans. If it’s a movie, what are you watching? If it’s a party, what are you wearing? We’re all ears. So, chime in, let us know, and most importantly, have fun. Enjoy your Halloween everyone!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Awards Radar!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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