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Interview: Talking ‘NFL Draft: The Pick Is In’ with Ian Rapoport

If you like the NFL, and especially if you like the NFL Draft, you know who Ian Rapoport is. The reporter has become a trusted source for all things football news, making his mark with the Draft and all of the excitement there, both in terms of picks and trades. I’ve followed his work for years, especially as a long suffering fan of the New York Jets. With the new documentary, NFL Draft: The Pick Is In, which just premiered on The Roku Channel this past Friday, you can see Rapoport in action. On the day that the doc dropped, Rapoport was able to hop on Zoom for a bit with me to discuss football, covering the draft, and what appealed to him about the film. Today, you get a chance to listen to us talk. Hopefully you enjoy, but I know I did, since going back and forth with him is as close as I’ll ever get to being a General Manager in the league.

Below, you can hear my discussion with Rapoport. This is the kind of chat that gets me excited, which I think you can hear in my voice. On camera, he and I were smiling a lot, since it’s clearly a passion for us both. Plus, it’s just rare to hear from an expert. We talk about his prep work, what it’s like to actually finish draft coverage, and why this documentary is so special to him. I think it’s safe to say that I got a huge kick out of NFL Draft: The Pick Is In. Whether you like football or not, the doc is fascinating and wildly entertaining, so be sure to check it out on The Roku Channel now…

Here now is my interview with NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, talking NFL Draft: The Pick Is In. Enjoy:

NFL Draft: The Pick Is In is now streaming on The Roku Channel!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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