Denis Villeneuve Has Dreams of Making a Third ‘Dune’ Film

Even though Dune: Part Two has been delayed until next year, Denis Villeneuve still is thinking about what’s to come beyond that film. The sequel was meant to hit this fall, but instead is now a 2024 release. Still, it appears he’s hoping to make at least one more movie in that cinematic universe, assuming all goes well. In fact, it would be an adaptation of Dune: Messiah, no less.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Villeneuve has apparently begun writing the third Dune installment as well. Whether it’s just an outline or more remains to be seen, and Dune: Part Two‘s eventual box office will have a lot to say about it, but if the filmmaker has his way, Dune: Messiah will be up next, before leaving the property behind. We’ll just have to see what comes of it all, starting next spring.

Source: THR


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Written by arnewsteam

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