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Interview: Bill Nye the Science Guy Talks ‘The End is Nye’ and the Next Generation Saving the Planet

If you grew up loving science at all, there’s a good chance that you were a fan of Bill Nye, or as you probably called him (and his show), Bill Nye the Science Guy. Not only was he educational, he was fun, which is no small achievement. To do it on television, where the former is rarely valued? There’s a reason that he’s long been an institution. So, when I got the opportunity to chat with him about his latest show, the Peacock Original program, The End is Nye, I was more than a little pumped. Last week, we had our discussion. Today, you get to check it out for yourselves!

Below, you can see my conversation with Nye. We talk about the show, for sure, but how could you not want to chat about science with him? Preteen me was freaking out, though adult me tried to play it a bit cooler. Still, talking about science with one of the most famous and popular scientists of all time is really something. Listen to the man, he knows what’s up. The End is Nye is available on Peacock and is a must-watch, especially if your a fan of his like I am.

Here now is my interview with Bill Nye (though you just always want to say Bill Nye the Science Guy), host of The End is Nye. Enjoy:

The End is Nye is available to stream on Peacock!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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