Interview: The Cast and Crew of Disney+’s ‘Prom Pact’ on Their Romantic Film

Times have changed since High School Musical and Hannah Montana: The Movie defined what a Disney Channel Original Movie meant. Those stories defined the generation of kids that saw them on their television screens, making them fall in love with the characters, their charisma, and the music that blasted from the speakers. In the present, it is time for a new kind of Disney movie to be available for a young audience who is about to live their own coming-of-age story, and Prom Pact is exactly the type of movie they need.

Awards Radar had the opportunity of speaking to the cast and crew of this new, romantic project, focused on a girl (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) who has to think about what she actually wants form her future. Directed by Anya Adams, Prom Pact delivers a heartwarming story about friendship, love, and the consequences of leaving high school with some regrets.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee spoke about how Mandy, her character in the film, inherited some of her own personality traits for her portrayal, stating: “I think I brought, pretty much, all of my life experiences to playing Mandy. I think Mandy represents so many of the emotional journeys I’ve been on in my life. Her whole arc of going from a person who is very tunnel-visioned on her goals to somebody who is much more appreciative of the current moment and the world around her”.

Margaret Cho plays Mrs. Chen in Prom Pact. As Mandy’s counselor and mentor, Mrs. Chen always tries to give her the best advice she can. When asked why counseling teenagers was vital for that point in their lives, the actress said: “It’s a huge responsibility because you’re guiding them to adulthood. You’re helping them make these choices that are going to have a huge impact in their lives! My character’s focus here is to help Mandy see more balance in her life and to look at other things besides the fixated view of what she wants her future to be.”

Julie Bowen, who won multiple Primetime Emmy Awards for her performance as Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, was an executive producer on Prom Pact. The actress was excited to explain how the movie adapts Disney’s humor for a new generation: “Disney Channel has such a huge following and those kids grow, and they obviously move on more to Disney+, which is more for the whole family versus just the kids. And I really think that Disney+ is doing a great job by saying “we want to grow with our audience””.

Director Anya Adams and co-protagonist Blake Draper were also involved in our coverage for Prom Pact! You can check out the full interviews with the cast and crew below, before you head to Disney+ to watch the new film!:


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Written by Diego Peralta

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