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Oscar Voting Has Come to an End!

That’s time. Pencils down, everyone! As of this moment, voting for the Academy Awards has ended. Oscar ballots are due, voters have made their final selections, and all that’s left is the actual counting. Sunday night brings the Oscars in all of their glory (or something resembling that, assuming we don’t get the mess of a telecast that we got last year), but that doesn’t mean that the season is fully over. In fact, this is the time when pundits like myself pull their hair out the absolute most. Trying to finalize Academy Award predictions with no new information may seem simple, but when you usually are always awaiting the next tidbit, this is a whole other ball of wax. Mostly, just take a breath and gird yourself for the big day.

Like last year when I posted this, I figured I’d lay out the rest of the schedule for us here at Awards Radar on Oscar week. Well, tonight we record the final predictions episode of the podcast (though mine are subject to change for a day or two after), which drops on Thursday. Then, that will be followed by my final predictions piece on Friday. There should be a piece or two coming from the rest of the staff on the categories we’re all still figuring out, and I’ll probably put up a Community post this weekend asking for your own picks, but other than that, it’s full steam ahead to the Academy Awards!

So, please sit tight and look out for all of the coverage we have planned. There’s plenty to come, but of course, now we’re just playing the waiting game. Feel free to chime in with your various thoughts and feelings, but other than that, just enjoy the very last bits of the ride for this season…

Stay tuned for more Academy Award coverage all week, leading up to the Oscars on Sunday night!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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