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Interview: Jonathan Majors on ‘Devotion’ and How He Selects His Roles

Jonathan Majors is a major star, if you’ll excuse the pun. Just watch him in any film or television project for a few minutes and that becomes pretty apparent. With breakthrough performances in Hostiles and The Last Black Man in San Francisco, he made an instant impression. Following that up with notable roles in work like Da 5 Bloods and The Harder They Fall have only increased his stature, as well as a part in Loki that portends a major future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With his latest role in Devotion currently drawing positive attention, I recently sat down with him to chat about his career, as well as what made that movie such an easy project to say yes to.

Back at the Toronto International Film Festival, I had this here to say about Majors in Devotion:

Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell are aces in this movie. Majors is a rock of determination and quiet determination, very much giving off a Jackie Robinson vibe. Powell is your more typical All-American cinematic character, but with a pure heart and a modern sensibility. It’s among the best work we’ve seen from both of them. Moreover, they have great chemistry with each other as well.

Below, you can see my discussion with Majors. In addition to Devotion, we spoke about what make him want to say yes to a project. It’s a fascination conversation, one that will only make you more fascinated with his evolving career. Between Devotion, Creed III, and his big bad turn in the MCU, it’s safe to say that he’s about to dominate the big screen, and rightly so. With screen presence and star power, he’s going to rule Hollywood, mark my words…

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Here now is my interview with Devotion star Jonathan Majors. Enjoy:

Devotion is in theaters now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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