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Interview: Diane Warren Discusses Finally Having Her Oscar!

Diane Warren has long been known not just as one of the great American songwriters, but as one of the most deserving individuals without an Academy Award. Thirteen times, the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has nominated herm yet not a single time have those Oscars gone her way. Well, back in January, the Academy announced that it would finally give her one, with an honorary Oscar going to her just days ago at the Governors Awards. Luckily, shortly thereafter we were able to set up some time to talk over Zoom. Who wouldn’t want to talk to someone literally right after finally getting their Oscar?

Below, you can see my chat with Warren. Coming a few days after she was given her Academy Award, she was still very much riding the high of it all, and deservedly so. We talk about how it feels to finally hold that gold man, where he’s going to be living, and much more. We even chat about animals, including her beloved cat. It’s a short but sweet conversation with an incredibly talented woman at the height of her powers. What more can you ask for? That’s what I thought, too. So, you’re all in for a treat…

This is Warren’s song Applause, from the film Tell It Like A Woman, which may well equal her impending fourteenth nomination. Behold:

Here now is my interview with, at long last, Oscar winner, Diane Warren. Enjoy:

Congrats again to Diane Warren!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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