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Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us at Awards Radar!

From all of us at Awards Radar, we want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. As many of you know, not only is it one of my favorite holidays (food, football, and usually a film make for a very happy Joey), it’s one that I have new appreciation these days. Of course, Thanksgiving 2020 was, for most responsible people, a muted affair. I know that I made my first ever Thanksgiving dinner, since it was just not a good idea at all to go see my 80-plus year old grandmother for her delicious cooking. Luckily, my turkey (and especially my gravy) turned out pretty well, but I’m very happy to be going back to her house today, after a return last year. Maybe this year I’ll even get the family to watch one of my awards screeners? I know my grandmother is curious about The Fabelmans, so there’s that.

Funny People (2009) Cinematography by Janusz Kamiński

Last year was our return (mostly) to normalcy, holiday wise, with this year feeling like a true Thanksgiving. At the same time, don’t forget how different it was back in 2020. It made the food taste all the better last year, so keep it in mind.

Once again, I also want to shout out the Awards Radar team, with a special extra bit going to my podcast co-hosts, Myles Hughes and Steve Prusakowski, the first to staff members to sign on when this website launched in September of 2020. Steve especially deserves another tip of the cap for all the behind the scenes work he does, both with the podcast and with our various interviews. Kudos and much obliged!

Once again this year, we can be thankful that we’re at least mostly on the other side of the pandemic. So, relish the time you’re able to spend with your family that you weren’t two years ago. Of course, still be safe while doing so. Be smart, but have fun. And of course, make sure to check out all of the new movies. Keep it here at Awards Radar for more film coverage, but just enjoy your turkey today!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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4 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving!



Written by Joey Magidson

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