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Martin Scorsese To Direct First Two Episodes of a ‘Gangs of New York’ Television Series

Miramax Television is developing a television series based on Herbert Asbury‘s 1927 book, The Gangs of New York. Martin Scorsese, who directed the 2002 film adaptation of the title is attached to direct the first two episodes of this new iteration, as well as being part of it as an executive producer. The script for the project will be written by Brett Leonard.

Characters featured in Scorsese’s adaptation are not expected to appear. Instead, the series is said to be focusing on new characters who didn’t appear in the 2002 movie. Reportedly, the script for the show was developed internally at Miramax, until Scorsese had the opportunity to read it and decided to join the production.

The Oscar winner’s version of the story saw a long-running Catholic–Protestant feud erupt into violence, just as an Irish immigrant group protested against the threat of conscription in 1862. It starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz and Jim Broadbent. With a 167 minutes runtime, the film went to earn ten nominations at the 75th Academy Awards, and it grossed $193 million at the worldwide box office.

A different television adaptation of the book was in development back in 2013, meant to portray not only gangs in New York City, but Chicago and New Orleans as well. Scorsese pointed out around that time that a television series would provide more time to flesh out different stories and characters, in contrast to a 120 minutes movie.

Source: Deadline


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Written by Diego Peralta

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