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‘She-Hulk’ Episode Seven Recap: “The Retreat”

*Warning: This piece contains spoilers for episode seven of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law*

Episode seven of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law begins with a montage of Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and Josh (Trevor Salter) going on a series of dates culminating in them eventually sleeping together. Afterwards, Josh ghosts Jen, upsetting her.

A few days later, Jen receives a phone call from Emil Blonsky’s parole officer saying that his inhibitor has malfunctioned and asks for Jen’s back up while going to fix it. When they arrive at the ranch, they see Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) in his normal state, just as calm as he was before. Just as Jen is about to leave, her car is destroyed by Man-Bull (Nathan Hurd) and El Aguila (Joseph Castillo-Midyett) during a fight between the two. Jen is then forced to stay until her car can get towed.

During Jen’s stay, she roams the facility looking for cell phone service on the off chance that Josh texts her back. She ends up wandering into a room consisting of a group therapy session led by Blonsky with Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine (Jordan Aaron Ford), and Saracen (Terrence Clowe). During the therapy session, Wrecker (Nick Gomez) arrives late. Jen recognizes him as one of the people who attacked her in an earlier episode. She hulks out and fights Wrecker before being calmed down by the group, joining the therapy session as She-Hulk.

During the session, She-Hulk laments that she often feels inferior as Jen and finds it easier for people to like her as She-Hulk, but yearns for people to like her as just Jen. Wrecker and the rest of the group implore her to love all of herself and they all offer their support. With the help of the group, She-Hulk turns back into Jen and blocks Josh’s number, moving on. The tow truck arrives to take Jen’s car, and she leaves after saying goodbye to her new friends.

It is revealed that after Josh slept with Jen, he cloned her phone and took a sample of her blood while she slept.

Episode seven of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law reinforces the looming threat of people and organizations trying to get Jen’s powers, but sidelines it to focus more on this story of Jen coming to terms with her identities and acceptance.

You can stream She-Hulk: Attorney at Law now on Disney+


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Written by Miles Foster

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