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Awards Radar Community: What Should We Change or Add to the Awards Radar Podcast?

In case you missed it, the Awards Radar Podcast recently celebrated hitting the 100 episode mark. To commemorate the milestone, I, along with Myles, welcomed some guests to do our longest episode to date. The pod, running closer to three hours than not, was epic, but it’s also just the beginning. We’re not even two years into this site, so the best is truly yet to come. To that end, I wanted to make this weekend’s Awards Radar Community question one that centers around the podcast. Essentially, it’s a suggestion box. What would you add or change to the Awards Radar Podcast? If you’ve got anything to say about it, today is the day!

If you have any suggestions, now is the time to share them with us. Of course, keep it nice and respectful, but constructive criticism is all good here as well. If you’d like to see us play a new game, bring in a new segment, or tinker in some way, it’s totally cool. The same goes for if something in particular isn’t working for you (minus the hosts, especially yours truly. You’re stuck with me/us, so get used to that). Truthfully, I’m fairly curious…

On the flip-side, maybe you’re just loving what we’re doing? If so, that’s cool too (and less work for us, frankly), so do let us know that. I’m sure some of you might feel that way, even if you might have a suggestion or two as well, so if that’s the case, don’t be shy. It’s a perfectly valid take to have about our podcast, after all.

Either way, the floor is yours. Whatever your thoughts are on the Awards Radar Podcast, we want to hear it. So, be sure to chime in and tell us if we should add something, change something, or just keep up the good work. Plus, once again, thank you so much for sticking with us so loyally through 100 episodes!

What should we change or add to the Awards Radar Podcast, if anything? Let us know!


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7 months ago

I don’t know the first thing about podcasts, but I remember thinking that the idea of a Mars Attacks episode would be a great way to get peoples’ attention because it A) is a movie everyone’s seen B) is remembered both fondly and as a complete failure/morbid curiosity, and C) literally no one has talked about it since the 90s. Like, if somebody wants to hear someone talk about Top Gun: Maverick or Prey, they can just keep listening to whatever podcast they’re already listening to, because everyone’s talking about it. But if someone wants their Mars Attacks fix? Only at Awards Radar! (Or no one listens to it because it’s freaking Mars Attacks.)

7 months ago

Major congrats on this massive accomplishment, Joey! Been following since way back when with Awards Circuit.

Some personal thoughts, take em or leave em:

Now that awards season is ramping up, perhaps spend more time regularly focusing on category by category thoughts, predictions, etc. as opposed to games. Maybe flip the script time wise on how much time is spent on each section.

Also, please excise the Kevin Spicy bit and all such related stuff. I personally found it tiresome then, and it’s still here years later.

All in all, you’ve done a fabulous job, man! Thanks for helping keep the community thriving!

Brian H.
Brian H.
7 months ago

I think everything you’re doing is great. So my suggestion is just keep it up. I think it’s a perfect mix of discussing new films and by answering user questions you mix in films from the past which I always enjoy…even when I don’t agree haha. But yea just keep it up and thank you for the first 100!



Written by Joey Magidson

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