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Awards Radar Community: What Are Your Favorite Summer Movies?


We’re smack dab in the dog days of summer, aren’t we? The days are long, hot, and hopefully filled with fun. Not only that, but movies. Whether it’s heading to the theater, even if it’s just for the air conditioning, or staying inside when it’s too hot to watch something at home, film has a definite place in the summer months. Sometimes it’s major blockbusters or spectacle cinema, while other times it can be watching an old classic, maybe even outside. So, for this week’s Awards Radar Community question, we’re asking about summer movies. Simply put, which of them are your favorites?

You can look at this any number of ways. Maybe it’s a classic summer blockbuster like Jaws? Perhaps it’s something newer, like a Top Gun: Maverick? You don’t have to think large scale, either. It could be just a personal favorite that takes place during the summer. Hell, it could even be something with summer in the title, like (500) Days of Summer. There are no wrong answers here, just varying personal preferences! There’s even a new release this weekend called Summering (reviewed here), which is aptly about the final days of the season, right before school starts.

However you choose to answer, the ball is in your court now. Whatever your favorite summer films are, be sure to clue us in. It’s hot, it’s currently the summer, and we’re all ears, so have at it…

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What are your favorite summer movies? Let us know!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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