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Awards Radar Community: Are You a ‘Nope’ on Jordan Peele’s Latest Or Did You Love It?

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Nope is here! Jordan Peele‘s third directorial outing is now playing exclusively in theaters, after screening for critics earlier in the week (largely to raves). Even though I may not be quite as high on the film as many others, I still deeply appreciate that a storyteller like Peele not only exists, but is thriving. Cinema is better for having him and his movies within it. Of course, much like with Us (and even Get Out, to a lesser extent), the release of Nope is a true event. As such, our Awards Radar Community Question for this weekend is a fairly obvious one…we want to know your thoughts on the flick. So, once you see it, be sure to inform us of your reaction!

In my largely positive review of Nope (found here), this is some of what I had to say about the film, alongside Peele as a filmmaker:

Three films in, Jordan Peele has established himself as an event storyteller. Get Out shocked the cinematic world, winning him the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in the process (not to mention Oscar nominations in Best Director and Best Picture, to boot). Us didn’t have the same awards cache, but cemented him as a “social horror” master and a filmmaker you pay close attention to. Now with Nope, Peele has managed to up the ante. The movie is bigger and in some ways bolder than anything he’s done before, even if there are missteps along the way. The film has an element of Steven Spielberg-esque spectacle to it, which is a new playground Peele’s chosen to frolic in. Regardless of if you like, love, or even find Nope to be a misfire, it’s impossible not to consider this director at the forefront of Hollywood storytelling. No one does metaphors like him.

Nope has a lot of the hallmarks you expect from Peele, with added ambition and spectacle this time around. Not all of it works, but when it does, it has moments that mesmerize. He knows how to craft cinema with a capital C, and it shows. The fact that this mix of science fiction and horror, with ample laughs thrown in, even has room for an element of filmmaking to be a part of the narrative shows that he doesn’t lack for drive. Even when parts of the flick don’t stand tall, others are right there to shoulder the load.

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Now, we want to know what you thought of the movie! Once you see Nope, chime in and tell us whether you liked it, loved it, or were disappointed by it. Whatever your take on the flick, we’re eager to find out. Keep it spoiler-free, for now at least, but have at it…

What did you think of Nope? Let us know in the comments!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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