Interview: Showrunners Christina Lee and Alissa Nutting on Season 2 on ‘Made for Love’

Made for Love imagines a world not that far from our own, where a tech guru with unlimited funds creates a place called the Hub hidden from civilization where users will have the opportunity to digitally live forever. This show, which is alternatively wacky and disturbing, is certainly unique, and Awards Radar had the opportunity to speak with the two very funny women behind it to understand its origins.

It was Alissa Nutting’s book of the same name that inspired the show. Discussing the differences between the two, Nutting reflected that:

“The book is weirder in a less classy way, perhaps, than the show, which is polished and shiny and gleamy like the Hub. If people enjoy the show and want to find the book, that’s great. If they put it down and toss it in the gar-bage, it doesn’t mean they need to stop watching the show. They’re different mediums with different goals, and we wanted to serve up the very best for each one.”

When co-showrunner Christina Lee first learned of the book, here’s what she thought:

“Oh my god. I had heard the premise first, a tech CEO puts a chip in his wife’s brain. I was like, that’s really dark. So I was expecting one thing, and I think the thing that surprised me the most was how much I laughed.”

Listen to the entire conversation with Nutting and Lee below!

Seasons one and two of Made for Love are now streaming on HBO Max.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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