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TV Review: ‘Love, Victor’ Returns for Another Successful Season

While the inaugural season of Love, Victor focused on the titular character’s sexual identity journey and the second on his first relationship post-coming out, the third season finds Victor (Michael Cimino) coming to terms with the fallout of a love triangle between himself, Benji (George Sear), and Rahim (Anthony Keyvan). Last season’s cliffhanger with Victor needing to choose between the two is answered in the first scene of this season’s premiere episode. While I will not divulge who Victor has chosen, the ramifications of that decision is felt throughout the entire season as Victor grapples with the care he’s shown both Benji and Rahim as well as the disappointments his actions have caused both of them.

In this season, more background is shared of Benji’s past alcoholism and rehab visits. Told through several flashback sequences woven throughout the series, Sear is able to bring a multi-dimensional and more flawed Benji than we were used to seeing the last two seasons. Keyvan’s Rahim, on the other hand, introduces a unique sense of levity and humor filled with sarcasm and sass that is enjoyable to watch all season-long. Keyvan’s ability to entertain and bring flair to Rahim while also grounding Victor about important issues such as being open about one’s identity was a joy to watch.

Lake (Bebe Wood) has made significant changes since we last saw her last season and even more dramatically since season one. Less consumed with superficial appearances and social media statuses of her peers; this season she’s looking more inward – in the aftermath of her break-up with Felix (Anthony Turpel) – and coming to terms with her own sexual identity not too dissimilar from Victor’s journey at the outset of the series. Lake’s sexual awakening is in large part due to the presence of Lucy (Ava Capri). While Lucy enters the world of Love, Victor pretty late in the series’ run, the chemistry she shares with Lake is deeply felt and heartwarming.

We find Mia (Rachel Hilson) in a continued state of longing to reconnect with her mother while, at the same time, coming to terms with her father’s marriage to Veronica (Sophia Bush) and a baby sibling on the way. While Mia’s character arc may seem a bit redundant and a continuation from the previous season, the true magic of Mia’s story this season lies with her relationship with Andrew (Mason Gooding), which is markedly more intimate in this season. Demonstrating a unique sense of dependability that each performance has for one another, there are heightened stakes in their relationship as the season progresses. Their long-standing relationship meets a dilemma as Mason contemplates worrying about his future post-graduation while trying to always be there – physically and mentally – for Mia. Hilson continues to intrigue us and capture our hearts with her sensitive persona and emotional underpinnings connected to her years-long family issues.

In her immediate post-Crush success on Hulu, we find Isabella Ferreria’s Pilar at a crossroads as she finds herself becoming romantically involved with brother Victor’s best friend Felix while attempting to hide this relationship from her parents. This season, we find Pilar branching out beyond her typical angsty rebellious teenager personality we’ve come to know the last two seasons and begin to see her in a more vulnerable light. Ferreira successfully captures a more loving and lovable Pilar, finding herself entranced by Felix while standing defiant against wary parents.

On the flip side, Turpel’s Felix continues to provide reliable comic relief to more serious scenes whether it be with Victor discussing his romantic dilemmas or with Pilar examining their own. Additionally, Dawn (Betsy Brandt) returns as Felix’s mother suffering from mental health issues. As Dawn begins to return to the dating scene, a protective and caring Felix begins to show its face, providing a perfect parallel to the protective nature that Pilar’s parents have over her when it comes to her dating life.


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Written by Max Geschwind

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