Interview: Thomas Jane, Nicole Chamoun & Candice Fox Discuss ‘Troppo’

In the new IMDB TV series, Troppo, disgraced ex-cop Ted Conkaffey (Thomas Jane), is recruited by Amanda Pharrel (Nicole Chamoun), an eccentric private investigator with a criminal past, to help uncover the whereabouts of a missing Korean family man and tech pioneer. In doing so, they discover a string of bizarre deaths and try to cope with their troubled pasts in the process. The series, set in the Australian state of Queensland, is based on the best-selling novel Crimson Lake by Candice Fox.

We chatted with Thomas Jane and Nicole Chamoun, as well as Candice Fox, about bringing the story to the small screen. Jane, who also executive produced the series, was eager to explore the characters of Ted and Amanda. “It really is a character study wrapped up in a mystery story,” says Jane. “We had the joy of shepherding the project from page to screen and trying to maintain the core of the story. And that was all about finding the right Amanda. What a unique character.”  

Chamoun was excited to bring the depth of Amanda to the role. “It was really important for me that I shared some of her vulnerability on camera, but in moments where she’s alone, so she’s sharing it with the audience even though everyone else around thinks she’s completely closed off. It was important for me to let them in on that.”

While she had no realistic aspirations of having one of her novels adapted into a television series, Fox does acknowledge that the formatting of the two mediums works nicely together. “I feel like there are stages to a crime novel that kind of fit nicely into episodes,” says Fox. “There’s the finding of the body or whatever it is, and the assignment and meeting the characters, and there are red herrings and twists and turns, and a big crisis right in the middle where all is lost. It kind of lends itself as a genre to that anyway.” 

You can watch the full interviews below.  The first season of Troppo premieres on IMDB TV on May 20, 2022. 


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Written by Jeff Heller

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