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Preparing for the Fantasy Oscar Season Draft on the Next Awards Radar Podcast!

Tomorrow, an annual tradition begins at Awards Radar. Yes, spurred on by a listener question, a yearly feature of the Awards Radar Podcast is going to be a Fantasy Oscar Season Draft! Those of you who read my tribute to the film Draft Day (found here) know that I love a draft, so I didn’t need a ton of encouraging to set this one in motion. Myles was more unfamiliar with this concept than most, while Steve knew what we were up to, and it just made for a ton of fun. You’ll get to hear it in all of its glory tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, I wanted to set the stage a little bit…

“Draft Day” (2014) Cinematography by Eric Steelberg

Basically, we each got to select five films, actors, and actresses. Now that we have our rosters, throughout the precursor season, we’ll check in to see how our movies or performers are faring. More than anything else, it’s a way to keep track of the precursors, as well as inject a little extra excitement into things at this early juncture. At this point last year, for example, I likely wouldn’t have drafted CODA or The Power of the Dog, though Dune probably would have been one of the first films off the board, alongside something like West Side Story. So, you never know how a draft will ultimately turn out.

As a silly aside, Myles has an amusing moment where he wonders how much of this is me getting him to participate more in Year in Advance predictions. I won’t say that it was a factor, but let’s just say that it was not not a factor, if you get my drift?

Again, this is just something fun, so don’t read too deeply into it. At the same time, feel free to participate as well. It could be really interesting to see how you all end up doing, compared to Myles, Steve, and myself. Also, be sure to let us know what you think, how we can tinker for next time, and all that jazz!

“Draft Day” (2014) Cinematography by Eric Steelberg

Stay tuned for the results of the Fantasy Oscar Season Draft tomorrow on the podcast!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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