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The Day is Finally Here…Enjoy the 94th Academy Awards Tonight!

It all comes down to tonight. The Oscars are here, in all of their (we hope) glory. In just a matter of hours, the 94th Academy Awards will be held. I hope you’re all excited. If I don’t seem as giddy as you all are, or like I traditionally am, just know it’s due to a personal issue that arose this week/weekend and has broken my heart. But, I care about you all too, so I’m pressing on through the pain. I may write about what’s bothering me one day soon, but today is a day to focus on Oscar, so let us just do that now.

We’ll know who and what the winners are before the night is out. Everything has led to this and the wait is almost over. Use this article today to share whatever feelings, jitters, or just general thoughts that you may have about the impending awards. Hopefully we’re in for something memorable (in a good way). Regardless, we’re all in it together, so CODA fans, The Power of the Dog fans, everyone…unite in celebration of the Academy Awards!

One more time, before it all goes down, here are my Oscar predictions:

Enjoy the 94th Academy Awards!


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Richard Green
Richard Green
1 year ago

Sorry to hear about your personal issue Joey, hope you get over it eventually… In the end I didn’t go for NGNG Cruz and stuck with Chastain because I just feel the momentum she had to get nominated will not be quite enough to also push her over the line for the win… As for the show, I just hope the producers don’t muck it up too much!🙄.. And I would love a few real shockers like when Ex Machina won visual effects and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo won editing.



Written by Joey Magidson

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