Marilyn Monroe Film ‘Blonde’ Receives NC-17 Rating

Director Andrew Dominik’s latest film Blonde, starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe has received an NC-17 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America. This marks the first Netflix original film to receive such a rating. Dominik was not pleased with the rating, calling it “a bunch of horseshit,” and noting “If I look at an episode of Euphoria, it’s far more graphic than anything going on in Blonde”.

Blonde centers around Marilyn Monroe in a fictionalization-version of her life. It is well documented that Monroe’s life wasn’t the glitz and glamour portrayed in the media, and behind the scenes, her life was far from PG-13. During an interview with Screen Daily, the unfiltered Dominik said, “If the audience doesn’t like it, that’s the fucking audience’s problem. It’s not running for public office”.

The film was rumored to be debuting at the Cannes Film Festival, but it is now known it will be skipping the major festival. September marks the Venice Film Festival and seems to be a likely chance for Blonde’s debut. The excellent news for Dominik is that this rating has created a lot of buzz and interest in the Netflix backed film.

Source: The Playlist


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Written by Michael Ramey

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