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Awards Radar Community: Do You Think ‘CODA’ or ‘The Power of the Dog’ Wins PGA?

This weekend, there stands a very good chance that the Oscar for Best Picture will be won. Of course, the Academy Awards are still a week away, but that doesn’t matter. The Producers Guild of America are here with their awards ceremony, and you must pay attention. There’s a very good chance that as PGA goes with their top prize, so too goes the Academy. So, this weekend’s Awards Radar Community Question centers on that precursor. When it comes to the PGA Awards, are you picking CODA or The Power of the Dog to win? Whichever side of the coin you’re on, we want to know!

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If you’re picking the CODA upset, you may be on to something. Frankly, it’s the only pick you can make if you’re backing the film to win Best Picture at the Oscars. Without it, it seems impossible. Even with a PGA win, it’s not necessarily over. It makes the Academy Awards a coin flip, but it may not fully turn the tide for the movie. However, considering how this season has gone, it wouldn’t be the craziest thing for CODA to win here.

As for The Power of the Dog, it’s certainly in the driver’s seat. A PGA win would be the bow on a wildly successful season and put all of the odds in its favor. So, if you’re picking this film, you’re placing a premium on the frontrunner gaining momentum yet again. This is where I currently reside, too, so you certainly won’t be alone here.


However you fall here, we want to find out. Hell, maybe you’re predicting chaos with a win for Belfast? Whatever the answer you have for PGA is, we’re all ears and all eyes for it. So, lay it on us, ladies and gents…

Let us know if you’re predicting CODA or The Power of the Dog for the PGA win!


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John Rivera
John Rivera
10 months ago

Going full NGNG with King Richard.

10 months ago

Officially, I’m predicting The Power of the Dog, but I’m kind of thinking Dune could happen also.



Written by Joey Magidson

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