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Interview: Clifton Collins Jr. Chats About His Career and ‘Jockey’

Clifton Collins Jr. has made a career out of being what Kevin Smith calls the “marrow” of a movie. He’s almost never the star, but he holds the film together, making it better because of his presence. He’s done that for years now, often without the acclaim he deserves. Luckily, Jockey came along at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival to finally give him a real showcase. I saw it back in January, but about a month ago, I hopped on Zoom to talk to Collins Jr. about it. Now, with the movie finally coming out today, I’m thrilled to present our discussion with you all.

In my Sundance review of the flick, I had this to say about his work:

Jockey has a great performance from Clifton Collins Jr. at its core. He gives the film its heart and its soul. Fueled by the subtle joy that one gets at seeing a character actor shine, Collins Jr. elevates the picture. Without him, the movie would still be good, of course, but he’s able to give it that little extra edge. One might say it’s Collins Jr. by a nose, here (I’ll see myself out).

Clifton Collins Jr. is at his best here. He invests everything into the character, bringing a charm and intensity that sums up the best he has to offer. Jackson isn’t always likable, but you always know where he stands. It’s truly an impressive turn. Oscar should keep him in mind

Below, you can see my chat with Collins Jr. I was very curious to hear about his process in general, but specifically with Jockey. Of course, as I mentioned above, he also has excellent taste for someone who works so much, so hearing how he decides on roles was fascinating as well. The film allows him to shine, and that’s a wonderful thing. It’s a really good conversation, too, so give it a watch, and then be sure to check out Jockey

Here now is my interview with Jockey star Clifton Collins Jr. Enjoy:

Jockey is out now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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