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Interview: Andrew Garfield Gets Some Free Therapy While Talking Press Tours and ‘tick, tick… Boom!’


Everybody wants to talk to Andrew Garfield about one thing, and that’s a shame. Sure, there’s a certain big film out in theaters right now featuring a character he used to play, but there’s also a smaller one that he’s the actual star of. Yes, while the world pesters Garfield about the past, he’s looking at another Oscar nomination in his future for Tick, Tick…Boom! The Netflix musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda features one of his best performances to date, so it’s no surprise the Academy Award buzz is huge. In fact, it probably should be better. So, when I had the chance last week to have a brief Zoom call with him, I wanted to make it count.

Below, you can see my short but sweet chat with Garfield. He even kicks things off by complimenting my girlfriend’s apartment. Remember, flattery will get you everywhere in life. We talk a bit about Tick, Tick…Boom! of course, but I was fascinated by the press tour process. Is it something he enjoys? How much does it depend on the movie in question? Plus, how does one properly appreciate the whole experience that is being a famous actor? These are the things we discussed, to the point where he thanked me for the therapy session (he still hasn’t paid his bill, however). Hey, if this whole Awards Radar business goes belly up, maybe I’ve got a future as a therapist? Andrew Garfield tested. Andrew Garfield approved…

This is some of what I said about him and the flick in my review:

Andrew Garfield is extraordinary here, giving his all to a fairly challenging role. His acting is a little big in the smaller scenes, but it fits the character, while his singing is spot on. He really gives life to a musical figure in Larson. You’re captivated by his performance from start to finish. Oscar may well come calling here.


Here now is my interview with Tick, Tick…Boom! star Andrew Garfield. Enjoy:

Tick, Tick…Boom! is currently in theaters and streaming on Netflix!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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