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Awards Radar Community: Those Of You Who Have Now Seen ‘House of Gucci’ or Licorice Pizza’…What Are Your Thoughts?

This weekend, two of the Oscar season’s highest profile titles opened exclusively in theaters. One hit wide release, while the other is trying an old fashioned platform release. They both are made by A-list filmmakers, both of which are directors overdue for an Academy Award. One has a bevy of stars, while the other mixes a few in with two impressive newcomers. Of course, I’m talking about House of Gucci and Licorice Pizza. So, today’s Awards Radar Community question is a pretty obvious one. If you’ve seen either of these movies, what did you think? We’re rather keen to find out, that’s for sure…


First up, in wide release is House of Gucci. Ridley Scott‘s true crime drama stars Lady Gaga, alongside the likes of Adam Driver, Jeremy Irons, Jared Leto, and Al Pacino. Telling the story of the Gucci family and their empire’s fall, it’s a flick that has had wavering buzz for the last year. Initially a perceived frontrunner, the rumors of it being bad led to the opposite thoughts. The end result? Something in between, but still an awards season X factor. Here is a bit from my restrained but positive review:

House of Gucci is, essentially, well done trash. Everyone is going big here, led by a turn from Lady Gaga that demands attention. Scott is letting his cast have fun, and it shows. Now, it leads to a messy nature that hampers the film as it progresses, but the first act is a highlight. Initially, the movie has a Martin Scorsese vibe to it, which lends to some major entertainment value. For some, boredom might set in by the end, but for others, it will be compelling from the first frame to the last.


Then, we have Licorice Pizza. Paul Thomas Anderson‘s latest sees him somewhat returning to his old ways, with a looser plot and Southern California setting. Bradley Cooper and Sean Penn may be the biggest names in the cast, but Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman are who shine (especially Haim). Telling the story of young friendship and perhaps love, it’s a heartwarming period piece filled with laughs. Largely met with raves, this film may struggle to be the winner in any Oscar categories, but nominations are surely coming. My own rave review of the lovely movie has this bit:

Licorice Pizza might not quite be on the level of his early genius, but it shows PTA getting back to a shaggier style of storytelling. While not as epic in scope as Boogie Nights or especially Magnolia, Anderson seems to be strolling through his protagonists’ lives. He’s clearly enjoying himself, telling a story of young love that’s full of optimism and a belief in better things to come. Somehow, this oftentimes peculiar auteur has crafted a first rate crowdpleaser. Plus, he’s also made one hell of an acting discovery with Alana Haim.

Now, we want you to chime in. Did you venture out to see House of Gucci? Perhaps you’re in New York or Los Angeles and saw Licorice Pizza? Maybe you were lucky enough to see both? Either way, we’re all ears…

If you’ve seen House of Gucci or Licorice Pizza, what did you think? Let us know!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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