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Interview: Woody Norman Chats About ‘C’mon C’mon’ and Proves He’s the Real Deal

When you watch C’mon C’mon, you’re almost instantly in awe of Woody Norman. His performance is just phenomenal, made even more impressive by how early in his career it comes. Throw in the accent he’s doing and it’s hard not to be gobsmacked. Earlier in the week, I shared my interview with filmmaker Mike Mills (found here) and he made it clear that Norman is as impressive in real life. Well, after hopping on Zoom with him the next day, I found that to very much be the case. That conversation comes your way now, so prepare to be blown away by a future star.

Below, you can hear my chat with Norman, who is a very impressive young man. Norman has a lot on his mind and isn’t afraid to share it, which makes the conversation really flow, so much so that we don’t even discuss C’mon C’mon exclusively. Sure, we talk about Joaquin Phoenix and the role, but we spend as much time on how Twitter is awful and how younger people don’t get the respect they oftentimes deserve. It’s a fascinating conversation, to say the least. The film is outstanding and in theaters now, so make sure you check it out, as Norman and Phoenix will blow you away.


This is a bit about Norman and Phoenix from my rave C’mon C’mon review:

Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman are outstanding here. The former is a known quantity and now an Oscar winner, but the latter is a revelation. Phoenix gets to be as lovable as we’ve ever seen him, essaying a flawed yet incredibly good-hearted man. He genuinely loves his nephew and sister, even if he’s not always as present for her as she’d like. His performance is far from showy, but it stays with you. As for Norman, you just want to say wow. There isn’t a bit of child actor in him, so the character is fully fleshed out. Some of his moments just leave you in awe of what will come next. Norman and Phoenix have excellent chemistry together, so even the simplest of scenes lands in a big way. While the focus is on Norman and especially Phoenix, Gaby Hoffmann does some lovely work as well. Hoffmann has a real sibling rapport with Phoenix, allowing some things to be deftly left unsaid. Supporting players here include Molly Webster and Jaboukie Young-White, in addition to the aforementioned Scoot McNairy, who is intense in his small scenes.

Here now is my interview with C’mon C’mon co-star Woody Norman. Enjoy:

C’mon C’mon is in theaters now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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