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Interview: Passing ‘The Beta Test’ with Filmmakers Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe

No matter what kind of a film Jim Cummings is making, he’s putting his own spin on it. That’s easily one of the most exciting things about him as a storyteller, and in his latest movie, The Beta Test, he’s really tapped into something. Along with co-writer and co-director (as well as co-star) PJ McCabe, Cummings skewers the industry in a singular manner. After Thunder Road and The Wolf of Snow Hallow, it was clear that anything was on the table, project wise. This flick confirms that. Given the opportunity about a week or so ago to hop on zoom with the pair and discuss the film, I jumped at the chance. That conversation comes to you now today…

In my review of The Beta Test (found here), I had this to say:

Co-writers/co-writers Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe skewer the industry with The Beta Test, but they’re also looking at a certain type of man. Cummings’ script for Thunder Road may be a bit sharper, his direction for The Wolf of Snow Hollow a bit crisper, but this combination really hits the right notes. Combined, the flick shows off his talents in just the manner needed to make a potentially off-putting premise into something truly compelling. If the central mystery isn’t wholly important or particularly essential to the story they’re trying to tell, it still shocks you. However, the main purpose here is to engage in satire, and that is where they really do shine the brightest.

The Beta Test is further proof that Cummings (alongside McCabe this time) are unique talents. No matter the subject matter, Cummings has a singular perspective that makes his films worth checking out. This one is no exception. 

Below, you can see my interview with Cummings and Mccabe. I focused the discussion a lot on how they get to make the unique little films that they make. Luckily, the pair were very pleased that I appreciate their off-kilter takes on genre material, so we got along well. No matter the movie, whether it’s The Beta Test, Thunder Road, or The Wolf of Snow Hallow, whatever you think it’s going to be, it morphs into something different. Plus, Cummings is such an interesting actor, you’re always keen to see what happens next. It’s a fun back and forth, so give it a look and then go seek out the flick!

Here now is my chat with The Beta Test filmmakers Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe. Enjoy;

The Beta Test is out now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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