Interview: ‘Spencer’ Production Designer Guy Hendrix Dyas on Pablo Larraín, Cassettes and Diana’s Old Home

Already nominated for two Academy Awards with Inception and Passengers, Guy Hendrix Dyas has already made a name for himself. Now, the production designer finds himself reflecting on the past and telling the story of Princess Diana in his latest project, Spencer (our rave review from Joey is here on the site).

Having been born and raised in the UK, holding a Bachelor of Arts from Chelsea School of Art and a Masters Degree in Design from The Royal College of Art, it is clear he has the royal seal of approval as the production of Spencer comes to life on the big screen. From the gorgeous palace to the smallest of details within the furnishings, it still is clear that everything is not what it seems within these locations.

Awards Radar was fortunate enough to interview Dyas about his latest project, talking about his relationship with Pablo Larraín, the importance of Diana’s old home, and some of the small details you might want to look out for on your next watch.

Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart in the title role, is available to watch in theaters starting on November 5th, but in the meantime, you can listen to the interview below:


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Written by Amy Smith

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