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Interview: Maren Eggert Discusses ‘I’m Your Man’

The upcoming film I’m Your Man, having recently played at the Toronto International Film Festival, handles a science fiction premise in a very grounded manner. When I spoke to Dan Stevens (here) about the movie, I was enamored with his performance, as well as ability to speak fluent German in the flick. Not only is Stevens excellent, star Maren Eggert is just as good. Subtle and realistic, she’s the emotional center of the work. While up at the festival, I found some time to get on Zoom and talk about the film with her. Today, I’m pleased to bring that conversation to you all…

Here is a bit from our TIFF review of I’m Your Man:

Indeed, the film deliberately tries to be aromantic and serious. Yet, it still manages to be funny and depict a sincere chemistry between its main characters. This is largely due to the pitch-perfect performances from Eggert and Stevens. Eggert expresses her character’s growth with a subtlety and nuance that is crucial to the film’s resistance of phony or formulaic romcom tropes. Meanwhile, Stevens nails the deadpan humor of a robot trying to understand and simulate some of our most peculiar human attitudes and and feelings. As such, their burgeoning friendship feels organic and unique.

Below, you can see my interview with Eggert. We talk about I’m Your Man in a few different ways, mostly hitting on how believable she and Stevens make the premise. They make the emotions feel real, which is exactly how a sci-fi premise like this one works. Eggert is a really nice woman and a very talented actress, so it was a pleasure to discuss the flick with her.

Here now is my chat with I’m Your Man star Maren Eggert. Enjoy:

I’m Your Man hits theaters this weekend!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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