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Interview: Frank Grillo Chats with Joey About Acting, Career Choices, and ‘Copshop’

If you like action films, chances are you’re now a fan of Frank Grillo. In a number of ways, he feels like a throwback to an era of action heroes that are largely now gone. Of course, the days of megastars like a Sylvester Stallone are mostly passed, though their essence is felt in Grillo’s performances. Last week, while at the Toronto International Film Festival, I got a palate cleanser by hopping on Zoom to talk with Grillo about Copshop. A lot of things came up, including Stallone, and we had a grand old time. Today, that action heavy conversation comes your way.

Below, you can hear my chat with Grillo. As much as the subject was Copshop, Grillo was eager to go in just about any direction that I took things. Part of that likely has to do with his reported displeasure with the cut of the flick that’s out there, which isn’t filmmaker Joe Carnahan‘s cut. However, he was very diplomatic about the film, but clearly glad to also talk about action movies in general. He’s a very nice guy, which led to some tangents, including a New York sports one, but that only makes the discussion better, at least in my book. Personally, I think the film is fun, with a really enjoyable performance of his. It’s out now, so if you’re curious, definitely check it out…

Here now is my interview with Copshop star Frank Grillo. Enjoy:

Copshop is out now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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